This is a new dance

So, after being gainfully employed for many years I have set out on this new venture as an independent educator. Let's see how this goes! I LOVE educating people, i LOVE looking out and seeing someone 'get it'. I love finding new ways to get information across to people. How did i get here? The first lucky thing is i have had a lot of help from some incredible people. One of my teachers said to me there are no mistakes... only opportunities to learn! In that case, i have had lots and lots of opportunities to learn!

How am i going to do this? Well, I am not like a lot of educators... it isn't just about the information... it's about the process. It's about getting people to a place where they WANT to learn, where they will take risks and ask questions. I love to use humour and to set people at ease so that they can feel safe to ask the questions they might be afraid to ask anywhere else.

My biggest challenge will be the marketing part - i am good at meeting and greeting - not so good at paperwork and cold calls. Here's hoping that my past work will set me in good stead - here's hoping that i can make a go of this 'new dance'. Dancing is prayer in our traditions, dancing is how i won my sweetie's heart, dancing fills my spirit with joy and is good for the body... here's to new dances folks!

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