Shannon Willmott - Somerset West Community Centre

Rated: 5/5

Sharp provided the staff with awareness of the process and devastation of colonization on Indigenous communities

Sharp is inviting, engaging and fun too.


Sharp gave all people present at the educational event a chance to tell a little bit about who they were and their experience. We were invited to participate directly in learning - we had the experience of colonization and what it feels like. It was a very powerful teaching. Sharp included everyone in the circle - even in a large group. Staff present at the event are better informed about the history of Indigenous people in Canada and this will help us begin to serve people better

08 Feb 2017

Denise Spitzer -

Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies, University of Ottawa

Rated 5/5

Session on research with indigenous communities


Through music, humour, storytelling, and conversation, Sharp engaged students in my feminist methodologies class in a way that embodied her teachings and moved them all on intellectual and personal levels. The experience was profound, enlightening, and invigorating, and has brought the class together in unforeseen and very positive ways. I have no doubt that the lessons Sharp shared will remain with all of us for a long time. Thank you! Merci beaucoup!

24 Nov 2017

 Nancy Henry - Ottawa Carleton District School Board

Rated:   5/5
 Sharp did an opening smudge, teaching and prayer, and a closing words and prayer
The words they spoke were the perfect words for the time, place and audience. Every time Sharp speaks they reach my heart and spirit.
Sharp was so generous with their time. Many participants of our workshop were benefitted from their conversation. I also know that Sharp is great with kids.
04 Mar 2016

Anna Travers - Rainbow Health Ontario

Rated: 5/5

Participation in opening and closing ceremonies and workshop at RHO conferences on LGBTQ health. Sharp creates an atmosphere of openness, fun and engagement for all participants. Their words and actions bring light to the special place of two-spirit people in traditional societies.

We hope to stay connected and to be able to do further work together. Many thanks, Sharp

16 Mar 2016

Jeremy Dias - The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity

Rated: 5/5

Sharp has worked with our organization for the last decade as an educator, historian and advisor. In their capacity they have truly helped us work in collaboration with LGBTQ Indigenous & Two-Spirit Communities.

They are the best at doing workshops, presentations, and helping individuals understand their place in history, community and activism.

17 Mar 2016

Devorah Garland - AIDS Committee Durham

Rated: 5/5

Cultural Competence training at In Her Skin Forum, 2016

It was a powerful presentation that captured participants' mind, heart and senses. Very captivating.


Participants had overwhelmingly positive feedback.

"This was the most meaningful learning I have ever had. Every soul on the planet needs to hear this."

"This was the most powerful exercise I have ever witnessed. Changed my whole outlook."

" I appreciated that the technical “text book” info was there, but importantly imbedded with the power of experiential knowledge and wisdom too often hidden from the vast majority.

"It was the best activity in a conference setting ever.

 13 Apr 2016


Pierre Beaulieu-Blais - CUPE local 4600

Rated: 5/5

Full day Anti-Oppression training for our Executive Board members


Excellent, engaging presentation. The info was presented in compelling and dynamic ways. Feedback from attendees was great, they enjoyed having this type of training presented in a way that was not too dry or dense. They've asked that we book Sharp again for some follow up training.

It was really great to receive the anti-oppression training from an aboriginal point of view

22 Sept 2016

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